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 We want to share some of the comments we’ve received.“I went to the web site and found some useful info!! I have taken him to the dr. and he is going to be tested for ASD and he also has a referral to a speech therapist now too. thanks for the support ♥” – Dusti“

I am amazed at what you have created! It is wonderful!” – Paula

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…for creating this wonderful organization for our kids. I too read those books, heard the “sorry’s” and cried those same tears, wondering what I had done, what we were going to do. Yes my son has high-functioning autism, yes he has severe ADHD and OCD, and yes he also has life-debilitating medical conditions that can also very-well shorten his life span. But yes he can interact with his peers, yes he can say “I love you Mom” and yes he can try every last bit of patience in my body, but he’s my kid, my life and blood, and my “soldier.” I too have wondered what will become of Chris when he’s 16, 21 and even 42. I wish I could time-travel for just 5 minutes at least 10 years in the future, to know whether or not we are on the right path for him. This is a teenager who still can put his golf shirt on backwards, and it doesn’t bother him! I know there is a lot of emphasis on the younger kids with autism, the early interventions that can be done, and all the reading material provided about young children with autism, but information about the teenagers, young adults (and even older individuals) is so rare and hard to come by. Thank you for starting this website, this endeavor, this opportunity to see what others go through and have gone through.” – Nicole“

Wow…an awesome site! I have bookmarked it and will pass it along. This looks to be very helpful to families looking for answers and support! Great job and thanks for sharing!” – Angie

“Thank you for creating and sharing this website. It is very helpful and definitely a welcome location for support and lots of useful information. For circulation to parents, I will forward the link to the special needs teachers and administrators” – Matt

“Thank you so much for share this with me. I loved reading your stories they are so inspirational.” – Stephanie