More Resources

As we work with other parents and groups we learn about new organizations and their offerings. We know every family has different needs, we hope some of these are helpful to you. We have not worked with each of these organizations so it is the family’s responsibility to research the links/organizations carefully before utilizing their services.

Kids with Autism Can – organization that provides hope through website and social events tailored to meet the sensory needs of children with ASD

Scott James – a young adult with autism sings You Raise Me Up
Taylor tells her story about being autistic
Autistic photographer shares his world

Experienced at tutoring children on the spectrum. We found them supportive in working with us

Doctors and Dentists
Dr Richard Chaet – providing dental care for children with sensory challenges can be very difficult. He understands the child’s situation and works with family to ensure dental health.
Dr Raun Melmed – providing diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services, developmental pediatrics
Dr Daniel Kessler – providing developmental and behavioral pediatrics (private pay)

Sports and Exercise
Fitness Propelled – providing structured exercise in small group settings is a niche that Geoff Rubin excels at. He has worked with kids on the spectrum for years creating more confident and healthy adults.
Hubbard Family Swim School – working with differently-abled children to teach swimming
Scottsdale Martial Arts – individualized instruction for behavioral and learning challenges
Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center for People with Disabilities – state of the art fitness center designed for differently-abled individuals.
Miracle League Baseball – brings children with special needs the opportunity to experience the simple joy of playing baseball. Miracle League

Nutrition ideas for families with children on the spectrum. Nutrition

Seeds for Autism – MaryAnn LaRoche and other artisans work with young adults on the spectrum to create amazing art in a studio where structure and responsibility are combined with creativity
Garrison Mais – 13 year old boy with autism creates beautiful whimsical works of art

On Going Events
Sensory friendly movies – monthly movie where theater provides atmosphere more condusive for children on ASD spectrum.
SARRC training – calendar of events with training events listed. SARRC Training

Other Cool Stuff
Creating stories to encourage each individual child.
Musical groups with the benefit of a music therapist
A great place to donate your musical instruments
Providers Search – nationwide search engine for doctor, dentist and therapists where you can enter the service you are looking for
Autism Products – company that sells sensory toys and therapy equipment. Owner is one our community members. Autism Products

Animal Assisted Therapies
AZ Power Paws – providing service dogs for a variety of different needs
AZ Goldens – provide service dogs for children with autism
Hunkapi Horse – provides therapeutic riding
Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch – a whole life residential ranch setting providing services to adults with severe autism
MacDonalds Ranch – they are not a therapeutic riding center, but since our event they have offered the opportunity for our families to call and stop by so they can experience the ranch setting and sit on a horse if they would like to

Religious Organizations
Joni and Friends – equips churches with information and support regarding differently abled
MOPS and Moms Next – (not a special needs program) supportive bible based Mom’s groups

Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services – behavioral evaluations and functional behavioral assessments
Niraja Patel – Psychiatrist working with children and adults

Camp Civitan – offers summer camps for differently-abled individuals, located in Williams, AZ
Joni and Friends – provides family retreats for persons with varied disabilities
Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center for People with Disabilities – will be offering summer programs at their new facility.
Achievement Therapy – hosting a sensory social camp
Music Therapy Matters – Summer Music Therapy Camp
Desert Valley Pediatric – Social Skills Summer Camp
SEEDS for Autism – Professional artisans helping others develop life
BISTA – This program if for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders OR other disabilities or disorders (ages 4-6)
S.E.E.K. Arizona – is committed to providing superior therapies and direct care services to both children and adults with developmental disabilities, specializing in those on the autism spectrum.

A company dedicated to creating employment for ASD adults in Denmark has inspired others, including an organization in AZ, to formulate a business around the special talents of ASD adults.