As we work with other parents and groups we learn about new organizations and their offerings. We know every family has different needs, we hope some of these are helpful to you. We have not worked with each of these organizations so it is the family’s responsibility to research the links/organizations carefully before utilizing their services.

Summer Fun Ideas
A compiled list of summer fun ideas with the kids.
Summer Fun Ideas

Organizations that are focusing on providing support to parents, children, and adults with ASD
AZ Assist – Teen Group Meetings and a great email list of upcoming local events
STEM Force Technology – encourages development of teens and young adults in preparation for work or school
Arizona Autism Coalition – great statewide information and details on Steven’s Law
Raising Special Kids – great general information on special needs and educational assistance
Melmed Center – provides a variety of therapy and social opportunities.
Autism Society of Greater Phoenix – good general autism information, also details on Steven’s Law
SARRC – Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center – lots of good information
Asperger Parent Network – serves families raising children affected by Asperger Syndrome and related autism spectrum disorders K-12 and beyond into adulthood. Supports and services include: Medical treatment referrals, Education advocacy and Transition services (middle to high school, high school to college, college to the workplace)
The Autism Exchange, information about autism from a variety of authoritative sites and experts. It makes it easy for parents and caretakers to find all the information they need in one place!

Respite and Habilitation/Behavioral Therapies:
AZA United
A Caring Heart of Scottsdale
Trumpet Behavioral Health

Young Mind Center
Basic in AZ
All Schools Considered- assisting Families on the Move to Arizona

Parent Information Network. Arizona Dept of Education Special Ed Parent Information.
Diagnosis and Support
Autism Speaks – 100 day kit helps new parents through the process
Autism News and Views – links to a wide variety of web sites that will provide you with information on Education, Health, Safety, Advocacy, Service Providers and much more.
Disabilities: Guide to Autism – Arizona guide from ADA office
Guide to Autism
AZ Developmental Disabilities Planning Council – state agengy designed to assist parents regarding many topics including guardianship, new legislation and more.
AZ Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Emily Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital – on site children’s health information center open to public
Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Childrens Hospital – developmental behavioral pediatrics website
LIFE – Lauren’s Institute For Education – location for learning and therapy
Help Guide – resource on mental health, physical health, children and aging health. Child section has tab for Autism.
Wise Old Sayings – great resource for communicating with autistic child. Many additional links with good topics.
Suggestions on coping mechanisms for Anxiety and ASD
Coping Mechanisms
The Well Travel Guide for Parents of Autism Spectrum Children
Travel Guide
Let’s Have Fun: Activities for Children with Autism
Fun Activities

Post High School Education:
ASU, Polytechnic Campus, Disability Resource Center